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Umm how do u get in the warehouse

The warehouse is coming in the next episode (next month) ^^

Congratulations on finishing the current version, we hope you enjoy the game!


Yeah Its an amazing game. Keep working hard on the game!

Thank you! We're doing our best to make it interesting ^^

I was wondering if you could upload the file as a winzip, as my computer refuses to open the file claiming it is damaged, I get this everytime I download a file which is .rar instead of .zip, please and thank you, the game looks very promising ^w^

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Thank you,
A new version with the new episode will be released later today, it will be in .zip, no problem ^^

Edit: We just saw your review, thank you very much! We hope you're going to like the new episode :)

Whaaaa ça a l'air trop génial et en plus c'est aussi en français !!!! <3 <3 <3 Pas encore essayé (je viens de voir le devlog) mais j'adore les dessins et le concept !


Quelqu’un qui lit nos devlogs <3

On est ravi que ça plaise ! En espérant que ce soit aussi le cas une fois en jeu. N’hésite pas à nous dire ce que tu en a pensé.

WOW this game is so good. I can't wait for more, the design, art, music and mini-games are marvelous. You have an epic project in your hands.

A huge thank you for all these compliments! We're glad you liked it!